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15+Photos: Don’t Open this If You Cannot Hold Yourself

This collection of humorous images can make you smile if you're having a bad day. Happiness is vital in a person's life since it contributes to the individual's ability to live a long life. 

What is your family's approach to dealing with your parents? The worst part about my mum is that she yells "chifhiwa" when I'm in the restroom. Come here, I said, putting my fork down and approaching her, only for her to say, "Pick up my tooth pick, I'm too lazy to pick." I was a little disappointed. 

Please stop putting on weight when you're broke, and stop drawing attention to yourself. We're tired of being drawn to the wrong people. 

3. Men are embroiled in a massive struggle. You spend R2000 on a pair of shoes. It's not even enough money to pay for your cab fare to town, my brother. You were trying to press a lady in an R3 pump, R9 leggings, and R8 t-shirt, and she turned you down, mara oksalayo. 

Four, my younger brother just joined Facebook yesterday, and he has supposedly informed me that he has found a girlfriend who adores him, but he hasn't met her yet because she is still in quarantine, Mxm poor guy, chuckles! He has no idea that I am a "nice woman Sindi" on Facebook, and he has no intention of finding out. In any case, thank you for taking the time to speak on the radio, brother.

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