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Top secret you need to know about this combo, rough salt and white candles (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

When it comes to chasing away bad lucks around our homes people do not know what is it that can do the job. Well today you will be learning a little about the use of rough salt on your yard. It is important to use rough salt than table salt when it comes to cleansing the yard.

To make the combo work much better collect river water instead of tape water, use this two to sprinkle all over your yard to chase bad lucks that are coming into your family. River water has got the strength to release unwanted energy around your home. One thing to remember is to never collect water from a local dam were people go for rituals.

Instead visit a nearby farm to collect the water than practice the cleansing at least twice in six moths. Trust me this trick helps a lot with removing bad energy around your home. People who tend to visit the ocean are more than welcome to use that salty water. As for us who are still home go collect water from the river to cleanse your house.

After doing this at night go inside your house, light two candles and pray before going to bed. This time you are inviting positivity into your home. Better than using muthi that will trap your lives on a later stage. Muthi can be good and can be dangerous at the same time learn to practice what is easy than visiting that sangoma.

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