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A Man Built Himself A Cement bed And Here Is The Reason

There are many reasons you will never leave Mzansi, the uniqueness that separates it from the rest of the world, and we do things. There are those things that are done only in Mzansi which you will never see them anywhere in the world.

A man thought he had enough about a sound making bed, which makes all sorts of noise throughout the night. Beds are mostly made of wood and springs, which overtime gets old and start to make funny noises. After one man experienced this, he thought enough is enough with the squeaky sound and came up with a solution for this problem. He built himself a bed make of bricks and cement, which he thought it was a clever idea. But according to this concept, it will be difficult to say that this will be comfortable.

Even if you place a mattress on top, bricks are hard and will make you uncomfortable. The second thing is that the concrete is cold, which will somehow affect your health. All I see here is just this man is trying to eliminate the funny sounds for him to peaceful sleep.

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