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Useful Tricks You Can Use Cotton Swabs For At Home

Cotton Swaps Can also be used For the following things in addition to what we already use them for

1. Keeping creams clean

Bacteria enter the product whenever you put your finger into a jar of (day)cream. To keep your care products clean, scrape up the amount you need using a cotton swab.

2. Cleaning electronics

We use a lot of electronic gadgets every day, yet we rarely think about properly cleaning them. Bacteria might accumulate on these electrical gadgets over time. Clean the edges and holes of phones, tablets, and laptops with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or a similar cleaning solution. They're also useful for cleaning the gaps between your keyboard's keys.

3. The car interior

You can clean dust and grime from hard-to-reach regions of your car's interior with a wet cotton swab. Consider door handles, window knobs, ventilation apertures, and the gear shift.

4. Dirt and dust in hairdryers

A hairdryer with dirt on or near the back might catch fire. As a result, it is important to clean the filter on the back of your hairdryer on a frequent basis. Cleaning the ventilation aperture on the back of your hairdryer using a damp cotton swab to get to the difficult-to-reach areas is how you do it.

5. Quick paint fixes

There's no need to lug around costly paintbrushes or rollers for fast paint repairs around the house! Cover up minor wear marks, peeled-off paint, and other imperfections on the walls with a cotton swab dipped in paint.

6. Unlocking a zipper

Wipe a cotton swab with lip balm, Vaseline, or cooking oil around a stuck zipper. The oily substance lubricates the zipper, making it easier to open.

7. Polishing jewellery

Cotton swabs are an excellent cleaning tool for jewelry. Simply soak a cotton swab in jewelry cleaning solution and use it to clean rings, earrings, and the corners and holes of pendants and brooches.

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