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Hilarious memes and jokes that will make you laugh out loud

There is always something funny on the net, new memes and old one reappearing.

They will literally see and see what kind of activities they will do afterwards.

It is indeed true, their job is done after they are fired.

The dad jokes, some questions might actually deserve answers like this.

Translation are not always available, Google translate can be offline and this is a typical example that sometimes you manufacturer something that will make sense to the receivers.

That is Michelle (my shell).

Too many letters that gets delivered by the post man and you could say that the word has lots of letters too.

Blaming and saying Network congestion cause is the singles.

To crypt or not to crypt, Network error messages attributed to Shakespeare.

A rude way to tell a person to either improve or stop doing something.

We must change and adapt.

More of them such as the word that Samuel L. Jackson below.

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