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Beware of this witch agent and do this to avoid them coming to your house

Witches work in numerous ways and never have a decent attitude for individuals and to challenge them it requires that possibly you have otherworldly power or have the gifts of utilizing spices to annihilate them. 

There is creature called house gecko and is referred to in Ghana as ''Efie Wura'', is a most hazardous creature utilized by the black magic to work, in the otherworldly universe of the witches is utilized as a courier or a cell phone to convey and for the most part such creatures are constantly stopped on the divider and at whatever point you attempt to kill it, it tails will be the primary thing to eliminate and ensure never to step on it tail when it eliminate. 

stepping on the tail when it eliminate can cause you an intense sicknesses and furthermore when dozing around evening time and it comes nearer to spit in your mouth additionally can cause you an infection. 

In other to keep away from your self from reaching out to a particularly creature and drawing in issues to yourself do this to remain safe. 

Utilize four cassava stick around 1feet tall and spot them individually at the four corners of your rooms or lobby and that will be their end, trust me such creature won't be seen any longer or even close to your home.

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Efie Wura


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