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SkeemSaam: Sangoma reveals an unexpected curse that was put on Meiki and leaves everyone in Shock


Meikie has wronged many people maybe it's the real father of Leeto he want his son, she must just tell John the whole truth otherwise the curse will keep haunting her. Everything in her life us going wrong and nothing seems to be working right for her as she continue putting herself in trouble after the other.

Babeile won't rest until she is behind bars and she can she that she might really end up in prison. I have never seen two people who work together but never agree on anything like Babiele and the other policeman Malebana.

They disagree in everything and every case no wonder they never solve anythin, they keep on making mistakes and only realises it later. Johnc's advice to see a sangoma will finally pay off tonight as the sangoma will reveal that a curse was put on Meiki and this will leave them shocked.

Sangomas will always tell you what you want to hear, there's no curse on Meikie, she's just too controlling and wants everything to go her way without thinking of the consequences. Meiki refused to go to the Seakamelas to ask forgiveness while her man asked her to but she on blaming Mr Maputla for everything.

In life there are situations where you have to put your pride aside and face the reality just to save your skin. What Meike was going to lose for asking these people to drop charges? You would rather go bankrupt just for something that you would fix.

That curse might have been placed by Leeto's father. Meiki should come clean and allow the maine to cleanse her from her past. We all know that she'll win this case as always, nothing new the Maputlas get away with everything.

Meiki has became public enemy number one in Turfloop which the reason why John thought that they should seek the advice of a sangoma, the traditional healer will reveal unexpected truth about what's actually going on in Meiki's life and it is very shocking.

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