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A medium size scotch roof house worth checking out.

There are not things that people consider impressive in a house. As for me, I like a simple house that does not limit my movement but S the same it should not be too huge that it terrifies me when I am all by myself.

What do you like in a house, do make sure that you share what kind of a space you prefer or would prefer your house to have. I do take into consideration that as human beings we prefer different things and that is just a matter that we can not change.

Take a look at this house. One would like it to be a bit huge while others do not even care much about the size but would like to just have accommodation.

The features that this house has is a single garage, two standard bedrooms and one main bedroom with an ensuite and a walk-in closet. There is a common bathroom. There is an open lounge with a kitchen and a dining room.

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