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" Lord, Take Away Every Spirit Of Stupidity And Foolishness From Me "

If you've been cursed before and are suffering as a result of the curse, don't worry if you didn't do anything to deserve it. According to an adage, if you don't have anything attached to your head, you won't need to ask for help putting the firewood down; instead, you'll just shake your head and throw it out.

Many individuals make a living by cursing others, whether they deserve it or not, and their curses are like birds that fly by without ever landing or perching. Many ignorant or foolish people ask illogical questions that can upset you, and the best approach to treat such people without offending them is to remain silent and never respond, because silence is the best response to a fool.

Responding to them entails acknowledging their existence and making their idiotic statements relevant. When you join concerns with them, you become an idiot and a knucklehead. Knowing this, we can see that the majority of the things that make us furious are the ones we should avoid in order to lower our blood pressure.

Imagine people who are sane praising fools for doing silly things, oblivious to the fact that an adage states that whomever picks up a stone for a lunatic is likewise a lunatic. Those who believe they are wise but are truly fools are the most dumb fools. Do you realize that folly leads to indolence?

As a result, there is a link between fools and lazy people, particularly those who are lazy in the tongue and head. A lethargic individual is constantly frightened of taking chances, even if it means risking his livelihood. He is scared to go where clever people succeed, so he comes to beg them for food in the places he is afraid to go. A slacker believes he is smarter than seven people who can defend their positions.

Do you consider yourself to be a slacker or a fool? Remember that Jesus Christ used knowledge in dealing with a wide range of individuals, including the arrogant Pharisees who thought they were wise. Jesus was a diligent worker who never allowed hunger stop him from doing His tasks.

Find the things that make you silly and lethargic, and start letting them go so you can restore your wisdom and power.

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