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The love of content will definitely kill someone one day. A lady burns, all in the name of content.

We are in era were having content is King, when you can put out content out there to the world via social media, you get more likes and followers, eventually you become popular.

People are so obsessed with social media content, l think at the most simple level, people are obsessed with it because it allows them to be aware of what is going on with friends, family and anything in your immediate vicinity which may concern you. It is basically a tabloid and your friends and family are the subject of the day.

Beyond the fact that you get the latest dirt on others or share your own news, social media addicts often, maybe only subconciously, associate the amount of views, likes (upvotes too) and number of friends or followers they have as an indication of their worth in society.

One lady recently took to things too far as she almost burnt all in the name of creating content.👇🏾

Twitter users responded to post by laughing at the situation as it really seemed funny l must say, l know nothing is funny about someone getting hurt but this is just humorous.

Would risk your life to this extent all because of content?

We are dying to hear your thoughts this one, feel free to comment and please don't forget to like us and share us.

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