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5 things you need to delete from your life to be Really happy

1) Comparison

This is a major spike of negativity we induce into our lives, we are often too quick to pull down our unique blinds, ushering on the transparency of others. More like we are constantly taunted by the light of the other person failing to realize that we carry so much more.

2) Negative Beliefs

our thought are keys to our development and improvement, the thought we consume are capable of enhancing our lives or putting a stop to our rapid growth and development. Negativity is a bad habit that subtly creeps into our minds, configure the Shades of truth of falsehood

3)Unhealthy Routines practices

we are what we repeatedly do; excellence is not an act but a habit. The routine we continually practice play a huge impact in our lives and most times we fail to employ positive routine to guide our daily activities.

4) Crave for approval and validation

we as humans are constantly trailing around for validation and a beam of approval from individuals, relationships, careers and circumstances, and this bad habit deteriorate the happiness and quality of our life. It is so sad that the quest for validation and approval have been built as an addiction to happiness.

5) Lack of Authenticity (following the crows)

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