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Trusted Prophet Says If You Have This On Your Hands Your Powers Are Blocked And You Know Black Magic

We live in a world where certain people have supernatural talents, such as the ability to see what the naked eye cannot, to connect with the spiritual world, and to communicate with those we refer to as our forefathers and mothers.

These people appear in a multitude of forms, the most prominent of which is as black people in Africa.

Sangomas (traditional healers), mediums, prophets, and a range of other occupations are all familiar to us.

When it comes to spiritual matters that we can't see, we turn to these folks who can communicate with the spiritual realm for guidance, assistance, and healing.

They have the power to communicate with our guides, those who have gone before us and are still looking out for us.

These people have been blessed by the guides and are referred to as ancestors. These people have been there for millennia in African societies, and they are recognized as mediums, traditional healers, prophets, and so on. They exist in a variety of shapes and sizes and work in a variety of ways, but their common objective is to help those who are experiencing spiritual difficulties.

In recent years, these people have also been vilified because of their spiritual skills. In other cases, they have been labeled witches and have suffered as a result. Traditional healers can now speak freely about African spirituality and ancestors since the current generation is growing more open-minded and interested in discussing Africanness and spirituality.

However, it appears that times are changing, and people are becoming more inclined to listening to them, such as the well-known heavenly prophet RA. The prophet has issued a few popular spiritual warnings, and since then, people have been keeping a close check on him.

The trusted prophet is also known to be very controversial and not many people believe what he says, but some do. His tweets constantly keep people guessing and asking questions, and this time it is no different. 

He tweeted something about people looking at their hands, this is what he said:

" If you have this on your hands, your powers are blocked. You were the master of black magic before."

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