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Check out this butterfly roof home with ground plan.

When you lay your eyes unto this house without seeing the ground plan. You would probably think that this is a small house. Well, what is a small house or a big house?

Most people measure the size of a house based on how many bedrooms it has while others measure it based on the overall features that the house has.

This is a house with a spacious master bedroom and an ensuite that consists of a bathtub and a toilet. In the house, there are other two standard bedrooms with just beds and built-in closets. There is a passage that intersects all the bedrooms. This house has a plain lounge with a kitchen and a dining room. The house has two patios by the front and the side of the kitchen.

Now that you know how this house is like on the inside, would you build it for you or your family? Do like the article and make sure you share it. Thanks.

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