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Memes that will make your day feel complete

There is always that one innocent spoon in every home that you just dislike for no reason. Grade 12's of this year and alcohol.

If you smell the fabric softener he is in a relationship. If 2021 taught me something is that my average temperature is 36.7°.Someone's child out there got no goodnight text, she is busy sharing posts. Do not let the traffic in your DM make you feel wanted, those guys are just bored. Ladies will watch their phone ringing and text you back 'sorry I was sleeping'.

Mention that one friend who always greets you with an insult. Legal fees are expensive guys, date a lawyer. I'm only talkative on the phone, in person I will just stare at you and smile.

For those who came to my wedding yesterday, thanks for your support!Those who study chemistry, how can we separate women from money?

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