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DIY projects which will make your house look expensive

Having a modern beautiful house is one of the best feeling to have as a home owner. Here are other beautiful ways to add some va va Voom to your house and make it more inviting :

Create your very own modern expensive drawers using affordable materials like these ones on the picture below :

Put your mirrors on your Chester drawers to add a touch of bling and modernisation to your drawers. You can add your sequinned crystal stones using glue gun for your drawers.

Voila your very own Chester drawers for your own house.

Make your very own Christmas tree like this shown in the picture above. Simply take a tree branch and let it sit outside the sun for two days. Paint your tree with white paint and decorate it with Christmas decorations. Voila you will have your very own Christmas tree just like that.

Avoid sweeping your yard with endlessly and weeding out alien plants. Save time, resources and costs by putting cobble broken stones like this one in the picture above. These kinds of stones you can ask for them when someone is extending their house with them. Alternatively you can buy them at a fraction of the price at any builders ware house. They usually sell a huge pallet for R500 or less.

When adding paving to your house make sure that you have put plastic on the ground, you have added riversand to have balance on your paving. For fillings add cement to hold your paving stones in place. When you have this kind of a paving your house will look stunning and you will now not have the hassle of sweeping your yard every two days. You will also be stress free of mudding your shoes when it rains.

Other tips to make your home more beautiful is by having your very own vases.

Take three times of your tinned bull meats. Wash them and remove the lining of the bull. Spray paint your tins using a gold coloured spray paint.

Add artificial flowers to your sprayed tins.

Place your flowers on your coffee table or on your tv stand.

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