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Spenders who rent out bottles at clubs

I recently came across a video of a man who claims to have worked on the club scene in Sandton ( The most affluent area of South Africa). The man spoke about spenders who have a good relationship with the owners of these clubs and the spenders use that same relationship to hire our expensive bottles f champagne and whiskey bottles for their tables for aesthetics.

The girls who work at these clubs come with those bottles which will be presented with sparkling fireworks grabbing attention from other buyers. Now what happens is that only one bottle ends up being drank and the other bottles are sent back to the bar. The opposite tables not wanting to be outshone ( there are many women to impress there) then end up buying actual bottles. This is very good for the owner who is able to sell bottles.

I think it's crazy what happens in these scenes. People are so hung up on these Instagram lifestyles that they live beyond their means to "compete" with ghosts. Perhaps one should get out of these crazy spending at clubs lifestyles to focus on walking in their own lanes. Forget these girls who make you feel like you need to spend or you need to have a certain amount of money to be worthy of them. Easier said than done I know.

Check out the reaction to this revelation:

Check out link to video here.

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