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A Stunning House Design That Has 3-Bedrooms, An Open Plain Kitchen, Dining Room And A Lounge

Getting a stunning house design is now easier than ever, I guess we have to thank social media and the internet for this. We no longer have to travel long distances to meet with someone who can design a house for us, this can be done on social media. Again, designers also get to showcase their work to unlimited number of people, and this in turn also allows people to have variety of options to choose from. The house design in this article was also found in social media, and I believe a lot of people might really like it

This house design is designed by a guy name Tokyo. By looking at this house, we can tell that it has a double garage, so you get enough space for two cars, the garage has a wooden like color which is really amazing. The main veranda of this house is not located in the area where we usually get to see it, in most houses, the veranda with the main entrance is in the middle, but in this house, it is in the beginning. I also like the Gladding stones and those horizontal windows on that room next to the main entrance of the house

We really need to give credit to the designer of this house for the combination of the colors because they are just amazing. As for the roof, a scotch roof was used and the color of that roof also matches with the colors of the house

From the description that the designer gave, we get to know that this stunning house has three bedrooms, where one of those bedrooms is master bedroom with it's own bathroom in it. This house also has an open plain kitchen, lounge and a dinning room. This design is just amazing


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Open Plain Kitchen Tokyo


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