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How to Live A Romantic Life

Candlelight is the key to romantic living.

When I was growing up, my mom used to light so many candles. Honestly, our house was most definitely a fire hazard. I remember one time I went to her house and her entire kitchen and living room was lit up by candlelight. I asked her “who are we sacrificing tonight?” She laughed, but back then I didn’t fully appreciate the vibe she was setting in her house.

Consume romantic content

Reading romantic books and watching romantic shows and movies are another easy, inexpensive way to increase romantic living this month.

Romantic living through music.

When was the last time you listened to romantic music? Might I suggest taking some time to create a romantic playlist for the month of February? Your favorite love songs mixed with some piano solos, jazz music, and french cafe music will do the trick. French music instantly gives a romantic feeling in my opinion. 

Wear romantic sleepwear.

Trade your sweats and old t-shirt for a long satin nightgown. Wear elegant robes in colors like red and pink. Black is perfect too. Many stores have beautiful sleepwear available in February. Wearing elegant sleepwear will make your feel amazing too. It’s a win all around.

Have romantic dinners. 

when you take the time to set the scene and have good food, it turns out to be very fun and romantic.

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