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Lovely moments: A beautiful view from a rooftop in Mamelodi melts the hearts of many.

Lovely sceneries are so beautiful and needed as they are very therapeutic. What makes a scenery beautiful, anywhere, is how you feel about it; what emotions or memories you have invested in it.

This is how our indigenous people paint natural scenery and why those are so popular. Often it will be their totem/tribe/clan country, it may contain (seen or unseen) their birth tree. So there’s a strong cultural component there in how they relate to that scenery.

A beautiful scenery can be found anywhere as long as you open your eyes and look hard. One gentleman recently captivated the eyes after he posted a beautiful scenery from his rooftop.👇🏾

Like l said before a beautiful scenery can be found anywhere. People think you have to travel miles and miles to exotic places just to get a beautiful scenery. Sometimes we forget that the most beautiful scenery could just be close to you, like on your rooftop.

A lot of people were inspired by this post and they marvelled at the pictures. I personally think in life it is our perspective which makes everything beautiful.

Take for Instance a scenario you are returning from the office on your bike. Previously, You had an argument with your boss. Suddenly it starts raining. You do not like it and start cursing god for every bad thing happening to you.

Now think about another scenario you get promoted in office. While returning it start raining. You feel what a great day today. You enjoy rain and weather. You stop at tea stall have a tea and thank god for giving such a nice life.

It is the same rain but your perspective make it beautiful.

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