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10 funny Memes only Mzansi will understand

Joke is something that people say is entertaining or laughing, particularly a hilarious narrative.

A joke is a demonstration of humour, in which words are used for laughing and are not taken seriously, within a precise and well defined narrative structure. It takes the shape of a story that usually finishes with a dialog and a story. The public is aware of the second, contrasting significance of the tale in the punch line. This can be done through a word-play, such as irony or sarcasm, which is logically incompatible, useless, or otherwise.

A meme is a virally shared picture with text, which usually shares in-depth commentaries on cultural symbols, societal ideals or current events. A meme is usually a picture or video, but can sometimes be a text block. Check out the memoranda your day can make. You can see one of the best photos on the Internet.

Memes, especially if you're depressed, might strengthen your mood.

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