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Water with rough salt plus 7 matches sticks will unlock blocked blessings

Have you been feeling like your life is stuck? Feeling as if there's no progress and your blessings are blocked. There has been a series of bad luck and you have now convinced yourself something is wrong. If so you are not the only one that feels this way.

Some people are depressed and sad about all the misfortune they are enduring in their lives. They pray and hope the next day will free them from the torment and that it's finally going to be their chance to be happy and get all they desire however life seems to enjoy giving them the same old disappointments they are used to. 

If you have been feeling lost. Tired of everything because you feel like nothing has ever gone your way then I will share a remedy that will help ease the pain by saving you from the torment you are currently going through. With only three items I will share a remedy to help you take charge of your life. 

You will need a glass of tap water, seven pieces of rough salt, and seven matches sticks. Fill the glass with water and add your salt. Burn one stick at a time and put them in the glass of water while saying you want darkness to flee from you and call on the light to your life. Once you are done, pray for that glass at midnight and three a.m for three consecutive days.

While praying ask your spirit guides and ancestors to break the chains holding your life and to free you from the darkness. Ask God to have mercy on you and to save you from all those after you. After using the water on the third day add it to your bathing water in the morning and continue the same prayer and then mediated while you wait for answers and solutions to your prayer. 

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