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Astrology Divination


According To Your Star Sign These are 5 Things To Expect in October


* Wake up calls, a-ha moments, clarity within relationships

* Unions and separations, karmic encourage

* Big revelations, purging, releases and healings through relationships

* Deep emotional processings, truth about something important

* New commitments, fearless devotion and motivation, personality shifts


* Simplified life, simplified emotions, thoughts, words and actions, making your life easier

* Healthy responsibility towards yourself, high level responsibility towards your life

* Relaxation, learning how to rest, learning how to be in the being mode

* Health improvement, devotion towards health and healing, healthy routines, self - improvement

* Intimate moments with others, support through intimate relationships


* Dissolution of old karmic programs and patterns, karmic purging and cleaning

* Culmination of changes, endings and beginnings, wrap up of previous cycles

* New roles in life, saying goodbyes to old roles, new life path unfolding

* Having a good time, enjoying things in life, new perception of joy and pleasure

* Greater awareness of relationships in your life, future and past intertwined


* Taking back your power and ownership, gaining back your strength, awaken hidden powers

* Inner genius, inner rebel and inner master awakening

* Revelations of fears, discharging fears and facing them for what they are

* Emotional intelligence, emotional growth, emotional independence

* Resolving family issues, growing up, become an independent individual


* Feeling good, light energy, easygoing energy

* Health resolutions, health revelations, new self healing methods, detoxification

* Strong mental energies, mental work, meditation or mental techniques

* Social activities, busy time with others, resolving conversations with many people

* Big shift of perception, change of certain beliefs, travels - spiritual or physical


* Coming out of hibernation, coming out of certain hypnosis and illusions

* Financial relationships, new resolutions and confrontations, new source of income

* Themes of shared issues, shared life, shared perspective. Building your own perspective

* Triggers within your love relationship, triggers when it comes to your talents, children and self expression

* Self sufficiency, personal credibility and self integrity


* Self knowledge, self development and self improvement

* Big questions, big challenged , big decisions

* Expansion of your vision and your future , expansion of relationships, changes of core values

* Big personal shifts , identify shifts , personal and private transformations

* Family karma resolutions , triggers within close relationships, profound moments within family and close relationships


* Deep process of healing, surrendering and transforming, big karmic releases

* Inner world, strong confrontations with inner self, deep psychological and emotional healing

* Building confidence and self assurance, expressing vulnerability and insecurities

* Facing unexpressed emotions, gaining clarity about past wounds, psychological therapy, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy or any other kind of therapy

* Expressing your true fear towards someone, finally saying what you've always wanted to say


* Long term goals and dreams, high aspirations, plans for the future

* New friendships, resolutions and challenges between you and certain groups of people

* Liveliness, sociability, busy time with others

* Expansion of family, connections or you becoming a part of certain community

* Money karma being resolved, financial triggers, deep transformation of priorities


* Big changes in life, course of life is shifted, life path is changing

* Healing of issues with parents, father issues healing, father wounds or mother wounds

* New roles in life, new career, new way of living life

* Money independence, financial freedom, boost of self confidence

* Death and rebirth of your personality, personal transmutations, clarity about your future


* Strong pressure of the external and internal life, strong push & pull energy, release from pressure

* Intensity, moments of crisis and liberations from intensity and crises

* Improvement of knowledge, education, studies. Learning new things and mastering something

* Triggers from the past, triggers through dreams, deep revelations and connection with the subconscious realms

* Resistance to change, inevitable changes and surrender to changes


* Recalibration of your life, reassessment of your reality, reviewal of your whole past

* Resurrection of the unfathomable depths of your being, shadow work

* Inner journey, swimming through the depths of an inner ocean, secrets revealed

* Connecting with someone on a deep level, strong intimate relationships, becoming intimate with yourself

* Financial challenges, new money income, new money situations, shared resources themes

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