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Sangoma Revealed The Secret Of Using Anthills. (It can do back to the sender and fix relationship)

Everyone can benefit from learning something new today because it's one of those days. An anthill is a familiar sight to most people. When we were kids, some of us referred to it as a "little mountain" because of how it appeared in the landscape. It's Termites, not ants, which build anthills, as it's more visible. Termites live in anthills, which can grow to a height of two meters when constructed by the ants. Other Africans, like former South African finance minister Tito Mboweni, eat termites, which they call nyala nyala in their native dialect (Majenje).

Image courtesy of the Twitter account of @TitoMBoweni

However, termites aren't just for building anthills. The Sangoma, who recently disclosed the purposes of an anthill, also claimed that it can help individuals with relationship troubles, such as making the father take care of his children, and that it can also be used to curse other people and execute a ceremony called back to the sender.

You'll need more than an anthill to accomplish this rite. ntsu snuff, maize flour, and water round out the ingredients.

Prepare a combination of maize flour and water the day before you go to the anthill by combining the two together. Make a small prayer to your ancestors before entering the anthill and ask them to be with you on your journey. After that, you'll shatter the anthill's top and wait for ants to emerge while spitting into the anthill and praying (phahla) to your ancestors on both sides of your family. Ask for the presence of three things you brought them for their benefit: water to drink, corn meal to eat, and tobacco to smoke. Use these items to help them.

Now add the snuff and water and stir well before adding maize meal to the anthill. Your concerns will be heard and solutions will emerge. You depart and return to your residence after finishing the task without looking back.

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