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50-year-old Siblings That Recently Went To #ReaTsotella Made Themselves A Laughing Stock After This

50-year-old Siblings That Recently Went To #ReaTsotella Made Themselves A Laughing Stock After This

Source: Hashtag #ReaTsotellaMonday twitter page

People must work hard, build homes for themselves. It's disheartening to see 50 year olds people fighting over a back room. It's sickening to see that they are both old and have not build their own house it still depend on their parents house. Even if it’s a one room with no furniture, build something for yourself and save yourself from unnecessary fighting over family house. Family home should be a house you run to when life knocks you down, a house where you go to to regain strength.

In today's episode on #reatsotellamonday we meet two siblings who are fighting over a house which is a family house. The sister does not want the young brother 50 stay at the back room. Old people should stop bringing their issues on tv because it's boring.

Treasure you relationship with your siblings, especially if your all are on good terms. These people do not like each other, there is no way they are going to accomodate one another until the tenant moves out. This lady doesn't want or like her brother's wife and she's not hiding it, pretend for who?l.

Older sister is using the fact that she is older than her brother to take advantage of her younger brother. Makamu should have help this man get what he wants, this woman still want to continue eating rent and staying comfortable at home while the brother is suffering. 

This woman should just let his brother move back home, she's forgetting that she doesn't own that house, it belongs to both of them. Bishop Makamu is making so much sense , I hope they heard and will find a way to fix their family problems. There's so much to fix here, they won't resolve this matter overnight.

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