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Here's The SURPRISING Name Of This Object That's Used To Close Our Bread

As everyone probably knows by now, many people on social media have asked the name of the object, that's responsible for closing bread that we eat on a daily basis.

Usually this object comes in a white colour but sometimes, it can vary with different bright colors including green, blue and yellow. Back then, these objects used to have some smallnwritings on them but looking at them now, you'd realize they have no writings at all, they are just plain with no writings on them.

Floyd G. Paxton invented this object back in the 90, he first got the idea during a time he was in the plane eating peanuts. When he tried sealing the peanuts packet, he found out he couldn't seal the them.

He then came up with an amazing idea that he's just gonna create the object that seals and closes things with much ease requiring little to no effort.

It goes without saying that this is a simple invention to invent/make but despite that all, it's still very powerful and it is probably all the countries across the globe. As crazy as it may sound, this bread closing object is simply called the BREAD Clip but it has other names, check them out below below:



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Floyd G. Paxton


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