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Three (3) Things You Must Accept About Yourself When You Knock 30

 This phase is considered to be one of the most important milestones in a person's life. Turning 30 comes with unwanted pressures and new responsibilities and expectations. We are also taught that these are the best years of our lives. 

 Once we have the financial insecurities and worries of our 20s behind us, it is time to enjoy freedom and adult life at its best. Additionally, a 2012 survey found that 70 per cent of people by age 33 were truly happy. To achieve this state of happiness, you will inevitably overcome certain challenges and learn some important life lessons in your 20s. 

 You need to learn to deal with certain problems and to accept some of the things, people, or situations that you just cannot change. To make this transition easier for you, here is a list of 3 things to accept for yourself in to come 30 more carefree and fun. 


 1. Accept that learning never ends. 

 You won't have finished your whole life until you are 30. Nobody knows, no matter how safe it may seem. Life is a process and a journey, and as much as you learn and change your life in each decade of your life, you will still make so many mistakes and you will feel insecure about the new chapters in life by the age of 30, and that is okay, because by the time you turn 30 you will feel a lot more comfortable, feel uncomfortable, and you will see the beauty of learning and exertion. 


 2. Accept your age 

 Yes, you will soon be 30 and no matter how old it may seem to you at 20, you are still very young and have a lot of time to explore, discover and do at a calmer and less dramatic pace than you were 20 years old. It's not the end of the fun and excitement, but the beginning of a new kind of fun. The crazy parties of the 20s won't have the same allure as the house. Parties for two or for losing circle of friends. As a bonus, however, you will be happy, even happier, more confident, and calmer. 


 Well, it's time that you let it go. That's perfectly fine. You can feel focused and satisfied doing your working, dancing, or gardening routine. As long as it makes you in ate moment, it matters. 


3. Let go of your past relationships

 Childhood friends, relatives, co-workers, or even your parents don't need to be as present in your life if they don't make it better. Anyone who doesn't treat you with the respect and love you deserve shouldn't get all of their time and attention. Don't feel obliged to be with people just because you should. If you feel that the relationship is destructive, it will save you time and energy for better ones. 


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