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If You Are Having Bad Dreams At Night, Let Me Help You Chase Them Away.

If you're having bad dreams it might be the bad spirits is attacking you. You can chase it away with my help of course. All you need is to steam and bath to cleanse and remove all the bad luck and spiritual attacks.

You have to buy a container you will use to mix all your Ingredients. You also can use any empty container if you have at home, but it must be enough to keep all your Ingredients together so you will be able to use it whenever you want to without always mixing it.

All you need:

1. 1 Onion

2. Methyl spirit


You will start with cutting onion into a small pieces. After cutting you will have to keep it in the container, you will add spirit inside. You can keep your ramedy for use.

Boil water when water boile add two spoons o mixed ramedy to the boiling water let it boil for 5 minutes. After that pour it in the dish you're set to steam, when you finish steaming add water to the bathtub add two spoons of your ramedy now you can bath your whole body. While bathing you have to talk and say everything you want to happen. This will help you chase the spirit that bothers you in your dreams that make you have nightmares.

You have to keep using this ramedy for five days. We know onion is very good in chasing away bad spirit when you're sleeping, that is why most of people keep a piece of onion next to your bed when they sleep. Spirit is good in procuring you from ghost and other spirit of darkness. Most of people use it to bath to protect themselves from bad spirit and dark forces.

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