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A man ordered some shoes online, but this is what they unfortunately delivered to him

Imagine getting so excited that you have finally found those pair of shoes you had been looking for almost the whole three months only to be disappointed.

Online shopping is the easiest and smartest way of shopping. It helps us in avoiding unnecessary long ques and also saves time. However, easiest ways usually have some disadvantages, like being scammed and all that. Do you know that scammers operate in different manners, some sell opposites of what they have advertised just to get the money and send customers fake items, can you just imagine that!

As I was busy scrolling into my social media feed, I bumped into this other post where by they've shared some screenshots of a man chatting with his brother on WhatsApp. He ordered some pair of shoes for his brother online as a birthday gift only to be delivered a thing he has never seen before.

The parcel was delivered straight to the the brother who was having a birthday. He got so disappointed and amazed to receive such things as a birthday gift. He then decided to text him and send him the picture of the shoes as he was asking him that has he really bought him those shoes as a birthday gift or not.

He was so suprised because he never ordered such shoes for his brother, he ordered beautiful and stylish shoes, not these fake things. Just imagine! He has even vowed that he will never again order anything online.

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