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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

Singing is good for you.

Once you start singing, expect changes! Singing has a myriad of benefits - for health or for other purposes.

It could be singing in the shower, a bit of karaoke, or singing competitively. Not only is it fun and enjoyable (obviously once the nerves are exhausted!), But it also has a measurable positive effect on your quality of life.

For some people, singing may just be something you do after work or on the weekend and for others it may be their full-time occupation, but not everyone is aware of the benefits.

So what are they? Singing is a great way to let off steam and has a variety of physical, psychological and emotional effects on the body.

- Singing can reduce stress and improve your mood. Not only that, but singing is well known to improve your confidence and morale.

- Singing can have a big effect on your physical condition as well. It's a great way to stay physically fit, as it involves using your lungs and heart, which can improve your breathing.

-Singing helps lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Singing also helps in the development of motor control and coordination, and recent studies have shown that it improves neurological functioning.

- Singing and chanting are often used as a motivational tool in education and training situations.

- After a good song, your body produces good hormones called endorphins, which rush around your body to create a natural high. It is exactly the same effect when you eat a bar of chocolate. The good news with singing is that you don't gain calories!

- Singing can also improve a person's sense of rhythm and body posture.

- If you add dancing to this, the above benefits are greatly increased!

Dancing can also bring more benefits to the table, such as muscle growth in certain areas, cardiovascular improvements, and much more.

Although the physical impact of regular singing is not well known, singing as an activity is universal in all societies, and the renewed popularity of choirs and singing competitions in recent years suggests that the benefits of having a song at heart they can simply be incorporated into our psyche.

The physical effects, while quite dramatic, are really just the beginning. Singing causes happiness for other reasons that have a less biological basis.

So go ahead, keep your mind and body healthy and start singing.

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