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How our 2021 calendar is looking so far

This is how the 2021 calendar is looking now , each month had its memory and people couldn't stop laughing and making everything trend . Each month starting from January , people participated . But which one was your favourite ? Which one did you like the most ?

People might have forgotten what happened on some of the month , some might not have clue due to not having social media while some of these memories are memorable . Let's start from January , there was a challenge called Silhouette , well it was trending on Tik Tok . People participated , it was more like a competition , seeing who did it better than anyone . But regarding to the next month it wasn't a challenge , it was sort of relationship gone wrong . The guy had to demolish the house he built for his girlfriend because the girl cheated on him , someone took it to social media being grateful of how the guy didn't kill her of what she did to him instead he demolished the house he built .

What happened to our Spiderman ? We no longer seeing his funny dancing videos , it seemed like kids liked having him at their parties . Not only them , even at the groove he was praised .

Which month was your favourite of them all regarding trends ? Comment below and let's talk about it .

Content created and supplied by: Khrishna (via Opera News )

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