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Put a coin in your refrigerator freezer for this reason - OPINION

You've ever experienced coming home to a very watery fridge. You check if your tap or drain is leaking but no, it actually the fridge. Fridge stores our food for longer periods of time that's why its so important.

When the fridge losses power, the food becomes thawed and will rot. Due to not frezzing anymore. Coming home to a wet home can be frustrating because you never really know why when did the power went off.

Ideally, you won't have to deal with this situation again. In any case, I'd like to urge you to take a quick second to put together a simple hack that will notify you if the power has gone for long time.

Get a container some sort of a glass or bowl. Fill it with some water, place ir in the fridge and let it freeze. When the water in the container has frozen put a coin on top.

How this demonstrates your food defrosted: 

When the power has gone for a long periods of time the ice in the container begins to dissolve. The coin will sink lower or down to the bottom of the font.

If you return home and the coin is still on top of the ice. Regardless of whether the ice has completely frozen. You'll know it has gotten really warm in the fridge.

Basically, this hack will help identify if your freezer is working properly and also to know if the electricity gone out.

Have you ever notice your fridge thawed but the fridge is working? What did you do, did you know what happened?

Please share your opinion with us on a comment section below section below.

Thank you.

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