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Skin Care

"When You Choose A Heater Over A Man" Claims a lady who comes a laughing stock after posting her leg

Winter is just around the corner, and people are currently feeling coldness kicking in thus everyone is trying, by all means, to keep themselves warm by buying heater, ho-bottle-water etc.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Lebo takes it to her account sharing it with her followers that she regrets using a heater during these colds because it has damaged her legs, instead she should have chosen to cuddle with her boyfriend her legs wouldn't look like this.

Using a heater or imbawula without covering your legs with socks or a blanket the skin of your legs changes the skin and develops spots marks because of the heat.

When the post landed in the timeline of her followers they couldn't hold themselves but laughed at her legs. I think it's best for Lebo to use a blanket or Hot-bottle-water to keep her legs fresh and beautiful.

@Simphiwe: "😢😭Ngath udliwe ingwenya engenawo amazinyo." He wrote.

@Joy: " Please we don't want to see this is September 😂." She wrote.

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