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8 Ways To Get Out of a Bad Mood

1. Go for a Walk

Honestly, there aren't many problems a long walk can't solve. I don't know if it's the fresh air, the physical movement, the feeling of sunshine on your face, or the combination of it all, but whatever it is - it works. When you find yourself in a bad mood, just put on your trainers, grab your headphones, then get outside and GO.

2. Scroll Through Funny Memes

There is no better antidote to a bad mood than laughter. Whenever you're in a funk, search your favourite meme accounts and just scroll. You will feel lighter afterwards.

3. Journal

Journaling is one of the best self development tools. Try journaling, do it for five minutes each day and as each progresses if you will spend more time journaling.

4. Call Your Best Friend

Vent, let it out, and then allow them to give you a new perspective while reminding you how strong you are.

5. Meditate

When we are in a bad mood, it is so easy to allow our minds to race with negative thoughts and imagine worst case scenarios.

Take a moment to find stillness so that you can give yourself the opportunity to simply reset. Even a couple of minutes of mindful breathing, feeding your belly rise and fall as you inhale and exhale, can be enough to give you the opportunity to think differently.

6. Have a Candlelit Bath

Sometimes we just need to change the scene, let go of the day, and embrace some time for self care. Light some candles, put on a face mask, soak in a bubble bath, and allow yourself to melt into a space of relaxation.

7. Book something in

We all need something to look forward to, and that feeling of excited anticipation can often be enough to pull us out of a funk. Get online and book dinner at your favourite restaurant, a facial at the spa, or tickets to show or even spend 15 minutes making a Pinterest board for your next holiday.

8. Visualize

When everything feels like too much, use your mind's eye to take you elsewhere. Close your eyes, and just imagine yourself living through your perfect day. Take in every detail, every smell, every feeling. Live through the day from the start to finish. This is step one to manifesting your perfect day, and a great exercise to raise your vibe.

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