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10 Weird and Wacky Coffins: Just for Entertainment

Death and funerals are uncomfortable topics that we typically attempt to avoid. However, here's a unique and imaginative twist on the most terrifying component of a funeral or burial: the coffin.

A coffin, also known as a casket, is a funerary box used to show the deceased's body during the burial service before burying or cremating it in a crematorium.

Traditionally, simple and austere caskets are used to honor the deceased in a tranquil manner. However, there are some unusual and bizarre coffins to investigate below.

1. Bible Coffin

If you want to make sure that you are not turned back at the gates of heaven, you should consider sucking up to the big man upstairs and lay to rest in the holy book.

2. Nokia 5210 Coffin.

If snake was one of your all time favorite games growing up, you can show homage by settling yourself in here for eternity.

3. Box of Chocolate Coffin.

This is my kind of coffin. Something sweet for the afterlife has never hurt anyone.

4. Classic Car Coffin.

The hole will definitely be bigger than 6 feet to fit this coffin. However, for classic cars lovers, it is worth it to take up half the cemetery with this coffin.

5. Smart Phone Coffin and Gaming Coffin.

Live by the Phone, Die by the phone. Why get in a plain old box if you can go out in style. These coffins will make you the coolest cat in the afterlife.

6. Guitar Coffin.

What a Rock and Roll way to go. Continue jamming at the pearly gates (hopefully) in this custom guitar Coffin.

7. Boat Coffin.

8. Ballet Shoe Coffin.

This way, you can dance your way to the afterlife. Even though I have heard that ballet messes your feet up big time.

8. Pool Table Coffin.

I know a few guys who would love to go out in this custom pool table design.

10. Fish Coffin.

I am guessing a fisherman would love this coffin.

Well thank you for reading.

Love and prosperity to you.

Content created and supplied by: Xiya (via Opera News )

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