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Skin Care

Spiritual benefits of bathing with scent leafs and salt


1. It keeps evil people far from you;

When you regularly bathe with Scent leaf, the spiritual power of this scent leaf and salt nic which are now contained in your bathing water diffuses into your skin and body. Now even in your home or outside, evil people or people with bad intentions will always keep their distance from you.

2. It cancels out the spell and curses of evil people;

when someone places a curse on you or a spell, if you bathe with Scent leaf and salt water, the spell or curse of a jealous person would be broken. When you observe a delay or stagnation in your life , try as quickly as you can to bathe with scent leaf water.

3. Scent leaf water heals you of any spiritual injury or attack from a person who does not mean any good for you.

If you notice any pain or hot sensation on any part of your body and you are sure you did not scratch yourself anywhere, you should consider a scent leaf bath immediately. Do not wait until things get out of hand, prevention is better than cure.

4.You become spiritually unavailable for destruction;

When a person tries to attack you , they will quickly find out that you are a no go area. This is because of your scent leaf bath. They will seek you but will not find you. This makes it impossible for them to harm or hurt you spiritually.

Remember I said you should speak into your life while taking this bath. Yes, it should be a form of prayer to God Almighty who is protection himself. Whoever is secured by God has a guaranteed safety forever.

So while taking your bath, open your mouth and pray, telling God what you want from him. God is too faithful to fail and will never fail you now. Asheeee 🙏 Hope this article is importance to you?

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