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Girl Confuses People by Posting a Picture of Herself 5 Years Back And Now

Time seriously goes by fast, one day you are this little child playing in the streets with your friends and without out a care in the world, then another day you are older and have responsibilities that you have to take care of. 

There is this growing trend on the famous social media app, Twitter where by people post pictures of them selves 5 years back and now, and at the same time high light the difference in the physical appearance over the years. A lot of us take a period of 5 years for granted and think that it is a very short time, well a lot can happen in 5 years and a lot can change as well and even your physical appearance.

A lot of people in the 5 year trend seem to have changed a bit, with some growing facial hair and some gaining bigger curves, but this girl caught the attention of many as her change seemed very drastic from that of 5 years back. In one picture she posted her self wearing school uniform and she looked like she was still in primary, but in the other picture she looks completely different, as she looks all grown-up and mature with curves and stuff. 

People looked at her picture once and did not believe that it was her as she looked lot more grown-up, and more like a sister then a little child, and that happened in just over 5 years. 

Here are some of the comments people left behind after seeing these pictures and the huge difference in them.


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