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There Are No Other Words To Describe This House, It's Just Amazing. See The Features Below

In every bricklayer's tool, there is a certain tool called a square, they are usually made from steel and painted in a black color. The purpose of a square, well just like it's name, is to make sure that the corners of the house are square, meaning that it leaves a 90° angle in the middle. This shows how many people expects houses to be

It shows that there is a certain expectation in which a house should be, and based on the houses that we get to see everyday, we can see that indeed this measuring too is used. And that is why I find this house design so attractive and unique. It is a combination of a "square" house and a "rondavel" kind of a house

I understand why many people are not building these types of houses, it's not that they are not beautiful, you might even find that some of the people who have ordinary house would have loved to own a house like this. The main problem or the biggest concern about this house design is getting the right people who can build it just the way it is on the design. Just like I mentioned in the beginning, a square tool will not be used here, and this is a bit of a problem to some builders, hence some people are not able to build this house even though they would really love to

The design of this house is just amazing, I believe we can all see that this house has a double garage, that's straight and easy to understand. What might not be easy to understand for many people is the fact that this house has two bedrooms. The master bedroom in this house has it's own bathroom, This house also has a dining room and a kitchen


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Just Amazing


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