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Watch: Laugh as a Zulu man tries his luck on a beautiful white lady

Laughing is a great thing as it is a way to create happiness for a person. When you feel down or sad laughter is the best medicine that could lift your spirit up and make sure that you become in a great mood. Life is full of ups and downs but by watching or reading something that makes you laugh could ensure that your down moments pass by quickly, as no one likes the feel of being down.

Here in this video we see a guy being convinced by his friends to try his luck on a beautiful white lady. The guy however seems to be afraid to try his luck on the beautiful white lady but his friend managed to convince him to go try his luck.

The guy however seems to not to be speaking english very well because after he greeted the white lady he seemed not to have any conversation with the lady. So the guy ended up saying " Ey Ramaphosa" to the lady.

The lady was very confused at what the guy said as she asked him what about Ramaphosa. The conversation seemed to just end like that as the guy did not know what to say next after the lady's response.

Surely his friend laughed at him after this conversation that this guy had with this lady. However his friend should give this guy some credit, as he faced his fears and spoke to the lady. Maybe in the past the guy had a fear of speaking to ladies because you could tell by the way his friend had to convince him first before he tried his luck on the lady.

To watch the video click on the link below.

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