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New dripping lifestyle for the youth shared by Barry Roux

As for lifestyle dripping, it plays a major role in how they express their freedom through a lifestyle, and it affects how people chooses to present themselves. Barry discovered or shared pictures of someone who has a unique voice among the youth in particular.

Generations before had their time with what was relevant to them during their moments of lifestyle, and the current youth is having theirs. It is different and people are surprised about it, and it is not only those who are from the previous youth generation, but from the current ones also.


As in life, many things can happen, and how is he going to help himself out of a life-threatening situation while maintaining his style as pictured? It will only turn out to be bad because the style does not provide a fair positive reaction which it will not disturb him as saving his own life.

As much as people have arguments against his style, life is changing into different experiences and you can oppose them as much as you like, but it may not have much effect on changing their minds to the one which will also be preferable for them.


It is a wonderful, dripping life for him, and there is no doubt about it, as he is showing laughter in the photograph shared in the public domain. It is something that people will talk about as in favour or definitely not supporting it at all.

Responss through the comment section:

1. INNO: Indoda's must be becoming a serious problem within the country.

2. THEMBA: He knows someone who has the same thing within his family.


3. ELLIOT: What kind of swag is this? Barry stamps on it for support, and Elliot is cracking up from laughter.

4. KGAOGELO VUITTON: Life is temporary and the drip is forever available. Barry is supporting it.

It looks clear that Barry is supportive of the latest drip lifestyle according to how he is responding in the comment section. But he does not comment as he is going to be part of it.

Your thoughts?

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Barry Barry Roux


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