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"I decided to revamp my 16 year old son's room." A woman recently posted on Facebook. See comments.

A woman recently left many people in awe after posting her son's bedroom she recently revamped. She posted pictures of the bedroom and said "Decided to revamp my 16 year old son's room." See the post she made on Facebook down below.

The room has many different hues of blue, as you can see from the photo above, ranging from light blue on the walls to navy blue drapes and bedding. The headboard, side table, and drawers all add a hint of brown. The large wall painting that faces the bed and the star-shaped mirrors on the walls are also decorative elements. The decor is orderly, and the colors go well together.

People who left comments on her post had a lot to say. Someone made a remark and remarked "Apart from the stars, it looks good. You want to make him look foolish, so twinkle twinkle little stars. Consider adding a few shelves to hold the Lego creations he makes, such as automobiles and other objects." Another person commented and said "Give him a week, he'll revamp it again." See the other comments people left under the post down below.

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