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Stop Flushing The Toilets After Urinating. Here's why - opinion

Nit flushing the toilet after using it is seen as a bad habit and very untudy. There is a saying that says, " if it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown flush it."

This is to remind people about the importance of conserving water. Flushing the toilet everytime you go, is wasteful and indulgent.

Here's why you shouldn't flush the toilet everytime you urinate

#1 Spreads fewer germs

Usually we flush toilet for sanitary purposes but it turns out that flushing the toilet actually spreads the germs. The thing you do when usung the toilet is to see if it's flushed and it it's not it can be really disgusting.

When one flushes the toilet the phenomenon called "toilet plume" occurs. When this happens the toilet sprays germs in air around you while flushing.

Meaning more germs floating in the air.

#2 Saves water

When you flush you use alot of water, imagine flushing the toilet all thw time you waste about 9 gallons of water.

#3 Urine is clean

Almost everyone knows that urine is sterile. But since urine is human waste contains bacteria but compared to saliva it's clean.

#4 Saves Money

Water costs money, flushing all the time will definitely cost you.

#7 It Throws Off Water Pressure

Have you ever been in the shower when some one flushed the tpilet on the other room. It can be a pain, real one. It either the water stops while you're busy enjoying the shower or it gets cold.

Do you allow it to mellow? Please let us know in the comments. Don't forget to share.


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