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She is dying this one people react to a picture a lady took while at the doctor

I guess it's true when they say social media is not for fainted heart, because people on social media are one of the craziest people you can ever come across and they have the minds of their own, and no matter what you can do or say I don't think they would change for anyone.

There's nothing painful like asking people a question or advice and they decide to focus on something else instead of what you asked them. I mean if someone goes on social media asking people a question they expect an answer right. But when it comes to people on social media they just know how to be ignorant.

And this is what happened to the lady on social media after she decided to share a picture of her crush at the doctor as she wanted to shoot her shots, she then asked people on social media for advice as she didn't know what to do but she was so excited hoping people on social media will come through for her but they didn't.

But what they did Instead they focused on the lady who was sleeping on the chair who looked like she was in so much pain. For some reason, it was like they were saying focus on your sickness and forget about men or help the sick and forget about men.

As they kept on saying that the lady that's sitting there by the chair is dying and making fun of her, people on social media are so naughty and they know how to pretend to care about other people while making fun of them. As they also pretended to care about this lady while they knew very well that that's not the case but they just wanted to mock her.

As I said before people on social media are ignorant, imagine seeing this picture on social media with your mother on it trending people saying she is dying.

As for the lady who asked for advice they forgot about her like she never said anything but did the unthinkable and focused on something else. She will never forget that day now it's up to her to decide what she's going to do because the people she was hoping they will help her they failed her.

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