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6 Brilliant Ways to Clean Your Home Using Tea Bags.

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of tea first thing in the morning to start your day but most people don't know of the plenty of hidden benefits to having a box of tea bags in your cupboard.

Instead of throwing your tea bags in the bin after using them, next time you must put it to good use in your home when cleaning.

Why Tea Bags?

Tea bags are effective for cleaning and removing stubborn grease and fingerprints from mirrors and windows because of Tannins that are plant compounds found in tea and other beverages.

This chemical can cut through grease, add shine to wood, prevent rust, and absorb natural odors.

Here Are Top 6 Brilliant Ways to Clean Your Home Using Tea Bags:

1. Clean Your Carpet

If you're having problems with your dirty and smelling carpet, Tea is a great way to clean and absorb any smells from carpets.

All you need to do is sprinkle pre-boiled tea leaves over a rug, and leave them to dry overnight. Next morning they’ll have absorbed any smells and dirt. And you can perfect it with a quick vacuum.

2. Clean Your Toilet

Remember those stubborn toilet stains that you don't want to touch in the toilet, they can be removed by leaving pre-boiled tea bags in the toilet overnight and flushing away in the morning.

Also you can use used tea bags to remove tough stains in the toilet by letting it soak for several hours, scrub it after, and flush it when done. Your toilet will instantly look brand new and freshly clean.

3. Remove Tough Grease On Dishes

Tea is the best remedy in the kitchen to remove tough and greasy stains that haven’t been washed away in the dishwasher. All you need to do is leave your dishes in the tea water overnight to dissolve

4.Window cleaner

A perfect remedy that everyone should know about, is that black tea can clean mirrors and windows.

5. Prevent Your Cookware from Rusting

Tannins found in tea can protect your cast iron cookware from rust as it prevents the oxidation that causes rusting. All you need to do is wipe a damp black used tea bag on its surface to keep moisture from ruining your cast iron! 

6.Polish and Shine Hardwood Floor and Furniture

The secret ingredient in tea, which is tannins found in black tea can also naturally shine wood. All you need to do is swipe used tea bags on the wooden pieces of furniture you wanted to clean and dry them with a cloth.

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