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6 Provinces will experience loadshedding tonight. Here's where and some tips to prepare.

Six provinces will be experiencing loadshedding tonight according to press releases for each province released on Eskom's Facebook page. You can study those press releases below to find out if your province will be experiencing loadshedding and whether your area will be affected. You can also find the loadshedding times for each province on its statement. If you are in an affected area, scroll to the bottom for some tips to prepare.

Gauteng :

North West :

Kwazulu Natal :

Free State :

Cape Coastal Cluster :

Limpopo (Sekhukhune, Vhembe and Waterberg Districts)

Limpopo (Capricorn and Mopani) :

Preparing for Loadshedding can mean many things depending on the type of set up you have in your home and what type of tools you have to deal with Loadshedding. However hopefully these tips will be helpful.

When loadshedding occurs, unplug and turn off all your appliances if you do not have a surge protector. This will stop them from being damaged by power surges when electricity is returned.

Fully charge all your batteries, including the batteries on your mobile devices, lights and battery banks, before the electricity turns off. This will allow you to continue to use them during the loadshedding period. If a loadshedding period is expected for you area, constantly back up any data you may he working on, on your computer.

Finally always be vigilant during the loadshedding period. Crime in South Africa is quite high and criminals may use the darkness as a cover to steal from you. So keep your doors locked and stay inside at night during the loadshedding period.

I urge South Africans to do research on how to deal with Loadshedding online, as you may be surprised at how many tips you can find that will make life more convenient for you.

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