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He says he used to dance with two legs but now he only dances with one watch his dancing moves

Disability is very painful, especially if it happens years later in your life. There's nothing painful like growing up doing things for yourself and then the next thing things have to change, people have to do things for you because your unable to do them yourself. Because it's not everyone that can recover after losing a part of their body.

We have people who were talented growing up, who were able to do everything for themselves when they were growing up, things like dancing, playing sport and a lot more but because of an incident that made them lose a part of their body that helped them to do those things their lives just completely changed to the point they are unable to do anything for themselves, and that can be hard for someone to recover and be themselves and enjoy life like they used to.

For someone to feel like they are normal again even after losing a part of their body, because some of them don't feel normal again they feel like they are nothing but just a burden. But not all of them think so, some people stand up and find they don't let their disability stop them.

And people like Seun Stew are one of those people. Seun is an inspiration he is one of those people who will show you that, if you want something despite all the challenges you come across them, they won't allow their disability to control them

Seun left people impressed and in shock after seeing what he can do with his 1 leg, after he was seen performing at the Miss South Africa 2022 over the weekend. It was amazing because some people has never seen anything like that, but the painful thing is that he says he used to dance with his 2 feet but now he can dance with one, but he didn't go into to details what happened to his feet.

But all of that didn't stop him from doing what he loves, but he was recognised by big people like Makhadzi who made sure she finds this guy and add him in his group after seeing the guy's video dancing. Makhadzi did an amazing thing when she decided to change the guy's life, she even took him to Miss South Africa 2022, and what people saw there it was unbelievable. And that's not it but the guy shared a video of himself dancing, and on the video he says he will be going on a tour with Makhadzi.

In most cases when a young person goes through this situation they tend to give up, it's not everyday you find someone who is still this young fighting for his dreams and doing what they love this is amazing and the talent it's excellent. This should be a lesson to a lot more people, that never let your situation control your dreams, fight for what you believe its yours.

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