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" There will be no food, water, and plants soon, " Ra sangoma warns people to save now

Is the world going to turn dry? A lot of people were in shock after a popular sangoma revealed something about the future.

There no life without water, everything depends on water. Without water, this simply means we can not plant anything such as vegetables, trees and maize. Again, we have our livestock that we sometimes depends on, they also want water to live.

Water except everything to live with is very much important and it plays a biggest role in life.

Photo: Twitter (Ra the healer)

Ra the healer is sending a strong message to anyone living in this world, he is urging everyone to start saving water now, start saving food, start buying a lot of food for the future and stop spending money on unnecessary things.

" Let's rather focus on buying durable goods than non-durable goods because what is coming is non-stopable, " he added.

What do you think about this and how would this actually happen?


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