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Laugh till you drop with these funny memes

Me waiting in my room for my mom to come hit me because I broke the TV The first time I saved 7000 in a bank I was always walking around the bank every morning just to make sure the bank is there.

Me on the edge of the pool pretending nothing happened after almost drowning:Chemistry teacher: Does it increase or Decrease

Back benchers: Crease After I give advice I always end my sentence with 'but I'm not sure', just in case everything backfires Mum: Just tell me the truth, I won't touch you.

Me: tells the truth...

Mom:Gents if she has not kissed you at the third date, she is probably there for the food

You see someone refusing to give you the password to a Wi-Fi they never pay for When I installed Share it on my phone, I never knew I would also share my partner

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