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VIDEO: 100k for secret location party with Christie

The Helmet guy, Christie, and the other two guys are ready to host a secret location party somewhere around the country with R100 million in hard cash. Apparently, they have spent more than R100k at KONKA in Soweto. Now they are ready to blow more money on a secret venue.

There will be no pictures available if they are going to host their own lifestyle experience and honouring a secret location party. The idea is not for everyone to be aware of what is happening, and it could only be something you would imagine as you are being told about it.


It has become a norm in South Africa that when someone is seen splashing a lot of money like them, the authorities becomes their enemy, and also some people want the authority like The Hawks preferably to intervine. Their source of income is not known to finance their expensive lifestyle.

Seating around with R100k is a huge amount of money. People are not encouraged to have it in cash. They are looking to have had a heavy night and then get ready for the next big night. The other guy sitting down with a white hat looks to have no problem spending the money.


He tells the other guy coming from the door to take R10k out of the R100k, and it is not much to worry about. They are really living in good times where money is not an issue, but how they are going to spend it and as something they do having much capability.

They are already having some expensive bottles of beverages while preparing for their next secret location encounter, and they mean business. Surely they are going to accommodate quests and they only have a duty to make the party lit as they are bringing something to the table.


Usually, when someone has the means of paying for the drinks, it is seen as others will be consuming alcoholic beverages without payment, to make the party thrilling and the buyer will not stop providing beverages. It is not a new phenomenon in South Africa, and it is prevalent in other countries as well.

While the country is under challenging standard with the world's largest disruption, they are not part of those people who are struggling to maintain a high living standard. For them, it is still a normal lifestyle, just like before the NATIONAL STATE DISASTER measures making life difficult.

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