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Use Magical properties of COFFEE to get rid of bad spirit

The magical properties of COFFEE

Coffee is the fruit that connects us to the mother of the earth, the spirit of the world.

Because of its contact with the earth, it is used materially and economically for magical purposes.

Whenever we use brown color, coffee beans, candles, coffee ingredients, it will look down and control the material in our lives.

We have already seen some properties of rosemary and laurel, well, if they are successful in business and work we will put coffee beans, rosemary, and laurel in a clay pot, we will light a dirty candle and watch our container on Thursday afternoon choose, remember no candle should be lit in metal, in sports Wicca wood is not used but I recommend that we burn incense and candles on it.

The simplest thing is to put a candle in a glass and put the coffee beans inside to succeed in the work, also so that your belongings will not be shared, but in this case, the candle will be white.

Coffee beans urinate, clear the brain and creative skills, green coffee helps control diabetes, control gout, coffee is recommended in the morning, bitter coffee is very good for the throat, the coffee leaves heal.

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