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After a long argument, tell him this

20’s. a time where each and every day is a struggle. none of life’s departments is going the way you thought they would. half of your dreams have taken the backseat because you have realised that it won’t pay the bills.

your hobbies are packed with the poster colours you last used in 10th standard. your idea of fun has changed. if feels like someone is pushing you from behind when you are not ready to jump.

but then, you meet someone who is also going through all of these. and you try to make it easier for them by doing the simplest of things.

just ordering in their favourite cheesecake or playing their favourite song or waiting to watch a series with them. and this is way it gets just a little better.

we are fighting right now, but i just want to tell you that you are this person to me. you are the one who takes care of me when the world is pushing and i want to be the person who takes care of you.

we are in this together. there is no point in fighting. we both are on the same side. 

it’s us against the world.

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